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Digital Writing and Drawing

At its core only a few components are needed to upgrade any space to a we-inspire room. The openness and flexibility of the system makes it possible to extend and customize the solution to make it truly yours.

Each system consists of at least one or multiple projectors to display the content, our special we-inspire projection surface, digital pens for inter-action on screens and on paper, our unique input device (paper & palettes), a PC and, last but not least, our apps that make your wall come alive.


The interactive surface is a rollable film with printed Anoto pattern that enables the localization of digital Anoto pens on the surface. The surface is:

Maintenance free
Made of vinyl and plastic


Powered by the unique Anoto Digital Pens, we can ensure high-precision capture of pen movements on every Anoto-enabled surface. The Anoto pen is versatile in its nature and bridges the gap between analog and digital work. Some features of the pen:

680 dpi resolution
0,1 mm on screen precision
Long battery life (7 hour of continuous use or 60 hours standby)
Has a 32mb internal storage which enables offline use


The palette is an acrylic disc, printed with Anoto Pattern, which gives the user an intuitive tool to combine with the software. Inspired by a traditional artist-palette you can simply switch colors and tools by tapping the pen directly on the palette. Different toolsets for both novices and experts are available to get the features you need.


The we-inspire system seamlessly integrates the use of traditional paper. By printing the unique Anoto pattern on a normal sheet of paper, you can instantly digitize any notes taken with the digital Anoto pen. Notes and sketches will be digitized in real-time and in high-resolution vector format for you to save or modify in other applications. Paper integration also works offline - perfect for breakout sessions.

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