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MySQL ISV/OEM Essentials, Part V: Optimizing MySQL for Java-based Products
Author:administrator   Source:original   Hist:   Date:02/04/2013

In this technical session, Mark Matthews, the creator and maintainer of MySQL's Java connector, will show you how to optimize MySQL and Connector/J for use with your Java-based products. He will focus on those things that deliver what ISVs & OEMs want most from their product’s embedded database: Happy Customers, No Hassles, and Low Costs. The topics include:

Minimizing installation, memory and CPU footprint of MySQL and the JDBC driver
Fool-proofing customer deployments
Fixing performance-robbing anti-patterns
Introduction to the load-balancing, fault-tolerant and replication-aware features of MySQL's JDBC driver
Integrating MySQL's built-in diagnostic tools with your application
Mark is not only the foremost expert on MySQL and Java, he is also a fantastic speaker -- he's set the MySQL record for the most webcast attendees! Don't miss this excellent webcast and the opportunity to hear Mark!

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